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Rasaily Creations

School of Art & Art Gallery

A homely centre of learning in the field of Drawing , painting & Sculpture

Come, learn, make and take home your creation, sitting by the Holy Ganges under the towering hills and serene environs of the international spritual and yoga hub Rishikesh, India.
Creation is pleasure, creating something by our own hands imparts us joy!
Most of the parents are heard saying their children did well in drawing or painting, so your parents must have said of you too.
So why dodge the time again and not fulfill your own long cherished dream of sketching a portrait or making a painting of your own imagination.
It is so simple, take up the canvas scribble few forms and start putting colors by your instinct, thats it and rest your teacher will do to impart it an aesthetic look to grace you house.
The Greek philosopher Plato said,' beauty lies in the eyes of beholder', and it is very true with the human aesthetics. Aesthetics is resonance of our heart with beauty or what regales our heart is beautiful and it all happens through our eyes.
So keep your eyes open to catch a beauty of the natue and around and make your vacation playfully joyful with lines and colors.
Our whole life is full of images, we think through images, we identify through images, we love through images. so why not try tranfering the imagination of your love onto your canvas with the help of your guide.
Pablo Picasso says, one becomes real artist when one starts painting like a child. So let our child descend onto our paintings and sculptures.
Oh come on! shed your shyness and hitch, you will really enjoy my company and my ways of creativity, I am a poet, writer and singer too, we might create, sing, write and celebrate together! Exit the hassles of life for a few days in Rishikesh !!




9 am to 12 pm and 4pm to 7 pm, IST